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The (Meta)Data is the Difference

A forward-thinking librarian established Serials Solutions in 2000 with a simple goal:  offering a service that would reduce the burden on librarians who needed to manage and increase access to the growing number of electronic journals.  The then-small team based in Seattle, Washington, believed that successfully achieving that goal required a strategic commitment to gather, enrich, and share knowledge about the electronic resources that were changing the face of library collections.  The result was KnowledgeWorks, the first centrally-maintained, continuously updated e-resource knowledgebase.

Over the past decade, Serials Solutions has grown into a global company dedicated to ensuring the future success of libraries as knowledge centers and information gateways.  The authoritative metadata that we maintain each day in our central knowledgebase has grown and evolved to support discovery and management services for today's and tomorrow's library collections – global coverage of a vast array of resources from  e-journals to eBooks, aggregated databases, Open Access offerings, and more.   Today, KnowledgeWorks remains the core of our Data solutions and supports the Summon® Service Index to provide true web-scale discovery across the full-breadth of library content.

As we continue the development of our new Serials Solutions® Knowledgebase, which is the foundation for Intota™ and will be used by all of our other products and services, we can appreciate that the roots of our commitment to authoritative metadata go back even farther than the year 2000—to 1926 and the work of another forward-looking librarian who understood the need for up to date bibliographic and publisher information that supports librarians and their mission.  

In celebration of the 80th anniversary year of Ulrich’s™ and its continuing value to librarianship and research, we invite you to read the story of Carolyn Ulrich and the origins of Systematic Serials Control.