Summon 2.0


Built to purpose with a singular mission—to return researchers to the library—the Summon service provides ongoing groundbreaking developments and easy customization by library’s in order to meet the changing needs and expectations of today’s libraries and their users. To keep pace with new technologies and adjust to changing user expectations, we are constantly innovating to deliver more value to you and your users.

“Out of the Box” Customization

For libraries looking to make their discovery service unique to their users, the Summon service is the most customizable discovery service. Using our powerful “out of the box” administrative features, libraries are able to create a custom discovery experience for their users. Our Client Administration tool allows libraries to easily customize interfaces (include text using the Custom Text Editor), features and functionality without requiring use of the API or any programming skills.

Summon API

The Summon API offers nearly infinite customization options for libraries that want to move beyond the “out of the box” customization features and create a tailored discovery user experience. With capabilities to both search the Summon unified index as well as fetch real-time availability of records, libraries are able to create local, highly customized research experiences. Tools available to developers working with the Summon API include comprehensive documentation as well as code snippets posted on the Summon wiki and discussions on the Summon API developers’ mailing list.


With nearly all of the discovery capabilities of the standard Summon interface offered in the mobile version your users can easily search and access your library’s resources from anywhere they might be using mobile devices and tablets. Researchers will be able to conduct searches including advanced search, limit searches by full text availability and peer-review status, use all the refinement options including facets, expand results beyond the library collection, save items and email or export results and define user preferences all from their mobile device. Your library is also able to customize the mobile experience to make it more valuable for your users.


Launching new capabilities and the constant evolution of the Summon service is possible because of our rapid and agile development methodology. All clients get all new features and enhancements instantly with no development work required, no re-deployment or additional investments in people or hardware, and no downtime for users. More…

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