Summon 2.0

Features and Functionality:

Delivering research help to users at the point of need. Summon Suggestions is a powerful suite of features designed to enhance the discovery experience with automated and contextual research assistance that leads users to better research outcomes. Bringing together a unique blend of library knowledge, community collaboration and real-time usage data, these features contribute to the Summon service’s superior ability to meet users’ needs and expectations.

With these features, librarians are able to directly impact and improve the overall discovery experience through localized recommendations, automated search guidance, and live reference help within the Summon discovery environment. In addition to more local control, libraries benefit from “community-sourced” recommendations made possible by the Summon service’s unique architecture and collaborative global community.

Leveraging real-time, global usage data, these features also deliver automated topical refinement suggestions to guide users to more focused search results. Since these features are data-driven, they are rapidly and continuously fine-tuned to improve over time.

Database Recommender

Database Recommender - See it in action Database Recommender - Behind the scenes

The newest version of the Database Recommender provides libraries local control over database recommendations to ensure users are directed to resources pertinent to their research and in the context of their query. Libraries are able to locally curate recommendations as well as take advantage of global “community-sourced” recommendations to guide users to valuable, targeted research resources. Users benefit from the combination Summon-generated relevance-based recommendations as well as those infused with local and “community-sourced” librarian knowledge.

Best Bets

Best Bets - See it in actionBest Bets - Behind the scenes

Locally controlled, library generated “Best Bets” recommendations provide libraries unlimited opportunities to highlight important information and resources based on the context of a user’s query. “Best Bets” expose users to resources, recommendations and information beyond what is typically discoverable in Summon results and present users with the most relevant and appropriate information related to their search.

Related Searches

Related Searches - See it in action

Related search suggestions provide users related concepts and expanded query suggestions that can lead to better search results. Leveraging real-time, global Summon usage data, related searches offer users scholarly and multi-lingual suggestions for query expansion and refinement. Topical suggestions for new queries, similar to what users experience in open Web search engines, are embedded within search results.


Autocomplete - See it in action

During entry of a search query, Autocomplete provides users suggestions for search query expansion and refinement to lead them to better search results. Based on real-time, global Summon usage data, Autocomplete surfaces suggestions that are both the most frequent and most relevant. Leveraging data from across the Summon service’s large, mostly academic user base, suggestions are scholarly and multi-lingual.

Embedded Chat & Reference Widgets

Chat - See it in action Chat - Behind the scenes

Embedded chat and reference widgets allow users to receive real-time help from reference staff without leaving the Summon user interface. Libraries can seamlessly integrate and customize chat and reference widgets in the Summon environment with easy to use administration tools.

Custom Text Editor

Custom Text Editor - Behind the scenes

Locally libraries can modify text in the Summon user interface to ensure their users see textual information preferred by the library. Libraries can locally control and edit labels and text—including error and informational messages, facets labels and limiters—in any of the 34 interface languages and dialects available in the Summon service.

Search Box & Widget Builder

Custom Text Editor - Behind the scenes Custom Text Editor - Behind the scenesCustom Text Editor - Behind the scenes Custom Text Editor - Behind the scenes Custom Text Editor - Behind the scenes Custom Text Editor - Behind the scenes

Libraries can embed search boxes and widgets within any Web environment to provide users with the ability to search and preview results from any setting—including research guides, course management pages, collaborative research portals and more. Search boxes and widgets can be scoped to a discipline or combination of disciplines, as well as virtually any combination of the facets and limiters available in the Summon service.

Depending on library preferences, access can be extended to individual users allowing researchers to build search boxes for personal use or to ease collaborative research efforts in environments outside the library such as personal websites, faculty pages or social media sites.

Integrated Research Guides

Integrated Research Guides - User ExperienceIntegrated Research Guides - User Experience

Libraries research guides and LibGuides can be fully indexed in the Summon service so that they are discoverable alongside other results within the context of users’ queries. Indexed guides point users directly to relevant and valuable resources in the library including librarians and subject experts.

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