Summon 2.0

Features and Functionality:

Simple, powerful starting place for research. The single search box your users expect that allows them to discover credible and reliable library content from across the breadth of your library’s collections. The Summon service provides a compelling starting place for research.

Advanced Search

Beyond the single search box, the Summon service offers a powerful advanced search feature. Using either the Advanced Search form or advanced query syntax within the basic search box, expert users and librarians or users who have specific details about the item they wish to retrieve are able to construct complex queries.

Blank Search

Simply by hitting enter on blank search, users of the Summon service retrieve a set of results that shows the full scope of items discoverable through the Summon service. By selecting the option to add results beyond their library, the results set a user receives reflects the full scope of items in the Summon index.

Discipline-Scoped Search

Discipline-scoped searching allows researchers to harness the full power of the Summon service with more precision by focusing on a particular discipline or combination of disciplines. The only discovery service to assign disciplines at the individual item-level rather than by broad database groupings, the Summon service’s approach provides deeper levels of granularity and accuracy across a breadth of content and content types that cannot be replicated by other discovery tools.

Included as a facet in the Summon interface, scoping is available for 59 disciplines derived from a combination of authoritative discipline classification sources, including Columbia's Hierarchical Interface to Library of Congress Classification (HILCC), the Serials Solutions Knowledgebase and Ulrich’s.

Librarians can embed custom discipline-scoped search boxes and search widgets in any Web environment to provide users with the ability to search for highly relevant materials from a discipline focused setting.

Related Features

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