Summon 2.0


The Summon® Service Goes Responsive

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So much more than a single search box.


What is Summon 2.0?


Features and Functionality:

The Summon service is designed expressly to meet the needs and expectations of today’s users. Developed using an agile methodology and delivered as a SaaS solution, the Summon service keeps getting better all the time with regular releases of new functionality and enhancements.


Simple, powerful starting place for research. The single search box your users expect that allows them to discover credible and reliable library content from across the breadth of your library’s collections. The Summon service provides a compelling starting place for research.



Exceptionally relevant results, easy to evaluate and navigate. The Summon service delivers results that meet users’ expectations. A single set of results in a relevancy-ranked list that can be easily navigated and narrowed using multiple methods such as filtering, faceting and sorting.


Summon® Suggestions

Delivering research help to users at the point of need. Summon Suggestions is a powerful suite of features designed to enhance the discovery experience with automated and contextual research assistance that leads users to better research outcomes. Bringing together a unique blend of library knowledge, community collaboration and real-time usage data, these features contribute to the Summon service’s superior ability to meet users’ needs and expectations.