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What is Summon 2.0?


Introducing Summon 2.0®

Discovery Reinvented - Summon 2.0

Returning researchers to the library

The Summon® service provides a digital front door to library resources. The only discovery service built to purpose, the Summon service provides a complete and compelling discovery experience expressly designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s users.

Unlike other discovery services, the Summon service is not a re-purposed database platform or hybrid next-generation catalog. The Summon service is built around a single, unified index that returns a single, unified set of results—allowing users to effectively search and navigate across almost all of the library’s resources in a manner that meets users’ expectations for what a modern search should be.

Beyond a single search box, the Summon service provides innovative and compelling features and functionality. Within the Summon discovery experience, users are supported with scholarly contextual research assistance that guides them to better research and learning outcomes. Librarians are able to scale their services and connect with more users through opportunities to be embedded in the research process and impact and improve the discovery experience.

And best of all, the Summon service is proven to increase usage of resources across the full breadth of a library’s collection, without bias to publisher, vendor or content type.