Serials Solutions librarians collect and correct KnowledgeWorks data

Serials Solutions partners with content providers worldwide to populate KnowledgeWorks with the most accurate metadata available, an essential ingredient for reliable searching, linking, and management.The librarians at Serials Solutions keep information current, correct errors, and standardize title and URL variations across providers. A separate rules database ensures that errors will not be reintroduced when updated data is imported.

Knowledgeworks currently includes the following data, with new resources added daily:

KnowledgeWorks e-resource statistics
  • 10,000+ Full-text databases
  • 32,000+ Databases comprehensive
  • 2.6 million+ Serials holdings
  • 13.6 million+ eBook holdings
  • 8.6 million+ Library Managed Holdings (as our publisher provided holdings have increased, the libraries’ needs to add their own has been substantially reduced)
  • 95,800+ Rules to correct and standardize data
KnowledgeWorks MARC record statistics
  • 1.44 million Library of Congress Serials (CONSER) records
  • 6 million Library of Congress Book records
  • 18.5 million Bowker Books in Print records
  • 1.35 million National Library of Medicine book and serial records