Serials Solutions has over 13.7 million eBooks from more than 700 providers to KnowledgeWorks.

The most-cited reason for patrons not using eBook content at libraries is that they cannot find it on the library's website. Now, using Serials Solutions 360 services with the integrated Knowledgeworks knowledgebase, your library can provide seamless access to your eBook collections, and manage eBook data just as easily as other e-resources. Serials Solutions has over 13.7 million eBooks from more than 700 providers to KnowledgeWorks.

Through the 360 services, Serials Solutions provides library patrons with a variety of access points to eBook content: Patrons can now access eBook collections through the 360 Core A-to-Z List and e-resource portal, the 360 Link OpenURL resolver service, and the 360 Search federated search service. Libraries can also use the 360 MARC Updates records for eBooks service to add titles to the OPAC. The more access points you can provide for your patrons, the better the chances of them finding your eBooks.

In addition to providing access to eBooks, Serials Solutions also offers eBook management tools. With 360 Resource Manager, you can now effectively control your eBooks to save time and money, and discover new titles to add to your collection.


Serials Solutions maintains the highest standards for metadata

The professional librarians at Serials Solutions work closely with content providers to develop and maintain an accurate and up-to-date knowledgebase. Serials Solutions librarians correct missing and erroneous data received from content providers. This higher quality data provides better search results, better MARC Records, better connections, and more accurate subscription management and analysis.

Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks has the most accurate and comprehensive eBook metadata, and is the only authoritative knowledgebase that provides eBook integration to a holistic set of e-resource access and management solutions.