The authoritative knowledgebase for e-journals, eBooks, and more

The first e-resource knowledgebase is still the best. Since 2000, Serials Solutions has been the leading provider of metadata for e-resources. Today, Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks is the only authoritative knowledgebase to include e-journals, eBooks, and more. KnowledgeWorks is the core data repository for all Serials Solutions 360 services and provides a solid foundation for accurate and reliable e-resource access, management, and assessment.

Serials Solutions maintains KnowledgeWorks data

It is virtually impossible for any single library to maintain an accurate and current e-resource knowledgebase. Due to the dynamic nature of e-resources, maintaining a complete knowledgebase requires the ability to update metadata on a continual basis. Content aggregators and providers constantly acquire and drop titles to make their packages as attractive and competitively priced as possible. The locations of e-resources change often, and different URLs are used to represent the same e-resource in multiple databases, even from the same provider.

Partnering with content providers for accurate data

Serials Solutions works closely with content providers worldwide to populate KnowledgeWorks with the most accurate metadata available, an essential ingredient for reliable searching, linking, and management. The librarians at Serials Solutions keep information current, correct errors, and standardize title and URL variations across providers. This holdings information is updated daily and automatically reflected in all of the Serials Solutions e-resource access and management services.

Integrated with Springshare LibGuides

Together, Serials Solutions and Springshare provide the first ERAMS-based LibGuides integration, enabling common subscribers to create LibGuides A-to-Z lists powered by the authoritative e-resource data of Serials Solutions® KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase. Watch a Flash video demonstration.

The KnowledgeWorks data workflow

KnowledgeWorks Collect Correct Connect


Serials Solutions collects comprehensive holdings metadata from content providers and integrates it into the KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase. Serials Solutions partners with providers through the KnowledgeWorks Certification program to ensure that their data is the most accurate and up to date available. To learn more, view our KnowledgeWorks statistics.


Our dedicated team of professional librarians corrects holdings data received from content providers. They employ proprietary software tools to correct missing and erroneous data and normalize titles across vendors to authority sources. A separate rules database ensures that errors will not be reintroduced when updated data is imported.


The data in KnowledgeWorks is the foundation for all Serials Solutions 360 services, and updates and corrections are applied daily. The result is a knowledgebase that is accurate, comprehensive, and current. This makes it easier for patrons to find and use the resources they need and for librarians to manage their collection.

360 Core, 360 Link, 360 Search, and 360 MARC Updates use KnowledgeWorks data to connect patrons with content. 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter use KnowledgeWorks data to accurately track and associate resource information at the provider, database, and title level. KnowledgeWorks data also ensures that reliability of the reports generated by the reporting tools within 360 Resource Manager and 360 Core.