How Can You Do Today’s Job with Yesterday’s Tools?

The nature of library collections has undergone a significant shift as they move from print to electronic. However, workflows and systems are still predominantly designed for a print world, forcing you to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools. Workarounds create redundancies and inefficiencies which impact the delivery of quality services to patrons.

Serials Solutions is developing a new, web-scale management solution to address these challenges head-on. Intota™ is a single, centrally provisioned solution that supports the entire resource lifecycle, including selection, acquisition, cataloging, discovery, and fulfillment, regardless of resource type. It maximizes the advantages of digital media while protecting and exposing print and other formats in your local collection that make your library unique.

Redefining How Libraries Manage Operations

Developed entirely from the ground up, Intota™ will redefine how libraries manage operations, eventually eliminating the need for integrated library systems (ILS) as we know them today. We use the best technology available to provide a single, unified management solution for today’s modern library, freeing you from low-value tasks so you can better fulfill your organization’s mission.