Book and Serials Analysis

Intota Assessment provides total picture of holdings, usage and overlap for both monographs and serials, in both print and electronic formats

Libraries are central to the communities and patrons they serve, but quantifying that value in a meaningful way is challenging. Unified collection holdings, overlap and usage data offers a view into the value of the library, based on real data. Holistic assessment services can deliver return on investment, increasingly important in times of shrinking acquisition budget.

Intota Assessment, the first production service of the Intota platform, includes both book and serial analysis for both electronic and print formats. Intota Assessment offers automation of the library data ingestion, including COUNTER reports and reveals a total picture of a library’s collection.

This new service includes a robust suite of business intelligence tools to help libraries make informed decisions regarding collection development. It provides innovative views and metrics of a library’s collection, including a number of reporting and analysis tools, making it possible for library staff to focus on delivering higher value services to their patrons.

Intota offers ”smart”-weeding, an innovative way to determine titles that are best suited for deselection based on evidence.

Intota Assessment provides both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Supported by authoritative Books in Print®, Resources for College Libraries, Ulrichs and Serials Solutions’ Knowledgebase, Intota Assessment provides a wide-ranging view of usage and composition of the library’s collection.