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Provide a rewarding experience that satisfies patron needs

The AquaBrowser® discovery layer provides a fresh, modern interface for patrons of varied backgrounds to use independently. By providing a simple interface with a single search box, patrons are able to quickly find relevant results when they need them. A fully hosted, subscription-based solution, AquaBrowser 3 significantly enhances service quality with minimal impact on a library’s resources. It’s a sure ally in the library’s mission to serve its community, especially during times of increased usage and reduced funding.

A recognizable interface that’s easy to use

AquaBrowser 3 provides the intuitive, feature-rich, and rewarding discovery experience that helps patrons be successful in their searches helping your library maximize its return on investment. It reveals library catalogs and local collections through a visually engaging Web 2.0 interface with built-in social networking,. AquaBrowser 3 also offers real time availability item status ; a toggle on/off Word Cloud with thesaurus and associative terms, translations, and spelling suggestions; an ADA compatible interface, and relevant search results that are easily resorted by title, author, or publication date.

A feature-rich environment for discovering more relevant results

AquaBrowser 3 encourages users to explore your library’s content by richly rewarding common search behaviors. Its unique “search, discover, refine” methodology provides features that help patrons quickly and easily uncover relevant results, and Word Cloud associations inspire them to ediscover more of your library’s treasures. The built-in My Discoveries social networking experience invites users to interact and further engage with your library’s content., AquaBrowser 3 increases user independence and success, freeing staff to engage with patrons in new ways and take customer service to a new level.

Discover resources beyond the catalog

As part of your AquaBrowser 3 subscription, your patrons will find materials not only in your library’s catalog, but also in your library’s two most popular local resources. . What’s more, you can give users access to article content through our complimentary integration with your library’s 360 Search federated search subscription.

Serials Solutions delivers AquaBrowser 3 as a fully-hosted affordable solution, meaning minimal impact on your library staff and an easy way to get started today in offering your patrons a better library experience.

Search, Discover, Refine

The AquaBrowser search, discover, and refine interface

Search results are ranked by relevance. The Word Cloud displays associations automatically generated from your resources to encourage broader exploration and discovery. Faceted navigation helps you to easily refine results sets.



AquaBrowser 3 searches available content using a single query. Results are ranked by relevance.



Encourages broader exploration using context sensitive associations. “Word Cloud” associations are automatically generated from your resources and link patrons to new paths that can broaden the scope of their search.



Faceted navigation further exposes your library’s data to help users zoom into specific results sets and refine searches. Your library maps your data to create the facets.