Develop your own user interfaces and Web services

Our 360 Search XML API and Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables you to design and develop your own user interfaces and Web services. Now you can process and display federated search results in new ways that will meet your specialized needs:


The 360 Search XML API is a Search and Retrieve via URL (SRU) compliant service that uses the Common Query Language (CQL) for searching and produces results according to an extended Dublin Core metadata format. These are the leading library standards for Web search and metadata.

Extensive technical documentation and dedicated support

To further support your efforts, we provide extensive technical documentation and dedicate developer support to respond to any technical questions that you or your team may encounter.

Experience the 360 Search XML API

Whether you are a Serials Solutions subscriber or not, contact us and we’ll provide you with additional details on how you can take advantage of this powerful functionality.