New Connection Development Framework

Improved processes create more resources and better search results

Usage Reporting

Analyze usage data and statistics to create the best possible search experience for library patrons

Results Clustering

Helps patrons find answers faster by eliminating information overload; provides a quick, intuitive path to citations that share common topics, dates, journals, and authors

Customizable user interface

Provide a seamless experience for your users by matching the look and feel of your library Web site

Robust,standards-based XML API

Enables IT staff to program customized solutions

Easy-to-use basic search

An intuitive interface empowers researchers of all levels who are familiar with popular Web search engines

Powerful, advanced search

Build Boolean queries and limit searches to specific metadata fields like author, title, and abstract

Custom subject categories

Enable more focused subject searching by building subject gateways for users

Search unlimited resources simultaneously

Searches multiple resources at once, not just a small sub-set

Industry-leading coverage

Uses the best and most reliable connections to the largest number of resources

Flexible connection architecture

Enables connection into a wide variety of databases, Web resources, and your OPAC using Z39.50, XML, and HTTP connections

Real-time status indicators

Keep users informed about each phase of the search process

Merged results

Presents users with an integrated results set by merging citations in real time

Automatic de-duplication

Increases usability and clarity of results ”on-the-fly”

Direct links to full text

Search results provide direct links to full text (where available) so users quickly get to content

Seamless integration with OpenURL link resolvers

Seamless integration with 360 Link provides users with links to full text articles from the A&I citations returned by 360 Search (subscription required)

Flexible results sorting

Easily explore integrated results sorted by year, author, title and source. Create virtual union catalogs by searching several OPACs at once

Extensive authentication support

Works with a variety of proxy types and authentication requirements

Easy citation management

Allow patrons to export selected citations to any bibliographic citation manager or email selected citations in either plain text or HTML

Includes Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks and 360 Core