The new 360 Search service represents over ten years of development. It combines the world’s two leading federated search engines—360 Search and WebFeat—into the single most powerful and feature packed service available.

Provide a simple and proven starting point for research

Are your patrons still searching each library resource using its own unique interface? Without a unified search interface to make it easy, patrons often get confused and frustrated, and ultimately abandon the process in favor of popular Web search sites.

Fortunately, federated search is a simple and proven starting point for library research. A single query combs all resources at once, and can include your OPAC and other local holdings in the results. When you put 360 Search on your Web site you can make holdings available anytime and anywhere so that patrons can find more of what they need when they need it.

Easy-to-navigate results help patrons find answers fast

Results Clustering

Results clustering and facets help patrons find answers fast. 360 Search “defragments” results into meaningful clusters. Journal, Date, and Author facets help patrons drill down to specific items.

The Proven Solution Keeps Getting Better

The new 360 Search service represents over ten years of development. It combines the two leading federated search engines – 360 Search and WebFeat – into the single, most feature-packed and powerful service. Combine proven technology, world-class service and support, and the greatest value on the planet, and you’ve got the winning search solution.

It’s All About Results

Federated Search is integrated search. E-journals, eBooks, your OPAC, archives, and directories: Anything that can be connected can be searched. Patrons receive a unified and clustered results set that is easy to refine.

Serials Solutions has developed the largest and most accurate collection of connectors to power those results. Strong relationships with resource providers help us develop and maintain the quality of our connectors: They are built to controlled standards and then tested and approved by resource providers.

“Full-Text” and “Peer-Reviewed” Filters Improve Research Experiences

Using a combination of data supplied by the Ulrich's™ Global Serials Intelligence knowledgebase and the Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase, search filters enable users to limit the results of queries to full-text or peer-reviewed sources more reliably than ever before. Most other filters rely solely on data supplied by content providers, which introduces errors. 360 Search takes advantage of the authoritative knowledgebases for serials to deliver accurate results, and you can further control these filters based on your input into KnowledgeWorks.

Consortium Support Extends the Value

360 Search supports consortia and groups by enabling centralized management of shared resources and interfaces. Consortia managers can push selective data to libraries, and make adjustments at the member level. Members have the flexibility to control the resources they receive.

Interface Matters

360 Search is flexible, portable, and customizable. The powerful feature-rich interface provides clustering, faceting, and is easy for any Web user to navigate without any training.

The 360 Search experience can be tailored to accommodate all levels of users and you can customize the user interface to best represent your collection. You can customize the look and feel to match your library’s brand and design and embed search boxes in any of your institution’s web pages. 360 Search integrates with any OpenURL link resolver, bibliographic managers, course management software, and AquaBrowser discovery layer to provide a seamless and comprehensive resource discovery experience. You also can embed 360 Search into your own applications and user interfaces using the standards-based XML API for 360 Search.


Combine proven results with world-class service and support and you get the greatest value. Add language support for Arabic, Australian English, British English, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Quebecois, Spanish, and Turkish, and you have the greatest solution on the planet.