Consortium Edition

Manage consortium purchases, inheritance, and member details through a streamlined interface

Export Data to SFX

Use the SFX-Format Knowledgeworks report to easily export Serials Solutions data into the SFX knowledgebase


Increase efficiency, save money, and simplify e-resource management with standardized reports

Acquisitions Data Import

Import acquisitions data from any ILS to receive more accurate costs

Cost and Collection Management

Associate costs with collections that you define to meet your needs.

Contact Manager

Manage local, vendor, and consortia contacts

Resource Notes Manager

Track acquisition notes, outage reports, license breaches, and more

License Manager

Maintain details about resource licenses and terms of use

Menu Manager

Customize the administrative interface to reflect local needs

Terms of Use

Display terms of use about a resource within the e-Journal portal and 360 Link

Resource status

Track subscription status for each resource

Subscription Metadata

Manage renewal dates and user logins

Alert Manager

Set alerts for license renewals and status changes

Vendor Statistics Manager

Manage access and collection for vendor usage statistics

Click-through Statistics

Count how often patrons use your journals and databases

Overlap Analysis

Included with 360 Core, Overlap Analysis allows you to identify overlapping coverage using actual coverage dates


Find any journal in any database whether or not you subscribe

Custom Metadata

Modify holdings data with local information to ensure accuracy

Custom Notes

Add a custom note to a holding, title, or database

Account Management

Ensure only authorized staff can view and edit your data

Manage Non-journal Resources

Deliver access to A&I databases and more

Includes Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks and 360 Core