Optimize e-resource workflows and management at your library

360 Resource Manager is designed for maximum flexibility across libraries and can be used by organizations of all types and sizes. As a result, there is no single “correct” way to implement the service. While libraries may be able to leverage best practices designed by similar organizations, the most effective implementations work in conjunction with a local, library-specific workflow that is optimized for your staff.

Serials Solutions e-management consulting will allow your library staff to determine the best e-resource management workflow and implementation decisions. Training specialist will facilitate conversations with e-resource managers and users to identify staff and user needs, workflow areas to improve, and best implementation strategies.

Features of e-resource management training

We will assist you in analyzing your library’s e-resource management workflow through every stage of the e-resource lifecycle – including discovery, evaluation, ordering, renewal, and cancellation – and develop a strategy for best leveraging the benefits of 360 Resource Manager.

As part of the training process, our specialist will:

  • Provide you with strategies to leverage the benefits of 360 Resource Manager
  • Help you decide what data to track and the most efficient way to track it
  • Review each functional area of 360 Resource Manager and determine how it can best be utilized at your library
  • Teach you how to use 360 Resource Manager to improve communication among members of your staff
  • Explain how 360 Resource Manager works with patron-facing interfaces and benefits the end user
  • Assist you with identifying workflow issues or roadblocks and assist in correcting these problems
  • Provide you with takeaway materials for future use
  • Encourage you to follow up by phone or email when needed

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