Consortium Edition

Share resources and metadata simply, efficiently, and effectively

360 Resource Manager Consortium Edition enables consortia and groups to push resources, metadata, acquisition data, and contact information to their members. Members can inherit this information from multiple consortia with no setup or maintenance time. As a result, more content can be made available to patrons for research, and their access and discovery tools work more effectively.

360 Resource Manager Consortium Edition Supports Most Organizational Scenarios

Resource Manager Consortium Process Flow

Managers can control group resources and memberships from one interface. Members can automatically inherit information about consortia resources, license, contacts and notes and manage multiple consortia relationships in one place.

Control your complete collection

360 Resource Manager Consortium Edition not only saves groups and member libraries substantial time and effort, it also increases accuracy, prevents errors, and helps deliver greater patron satisfaction. You can track all e-resources and associated metadata, including licenses, notes, and contacts, in one place and push that data to member libraries. The net result is a tremendous savings of time, effort, and expense that demonstrates to members the true value of the consortia.

Demonstrate the value of the consortium

360 Resource Manager Consortium Edition helps centralize and simplify e-resource management throughout the entire organization. Consortia managers can choose which data to share and automatically push that data to their members, managing all member libraries from a single service. This ease of management offers a significant incentive to members for joining the organization and also showcases the resources offered by the consortium, allowing the managing organization to prove its value.

Offer incentives to member libraries

360 Resource Manager Consortium Edition is the best communication tool for the entire group because it enables the consortium to deliver more value to its members every day. Newly purchased or updated resources are automatically made available to members, saving member libraries time and effort. Centralized and simplified management of local and consortium-purchased e-resources streamlines workflows, reduces workloads, and reduces library costs.