Use 360 Resource Manager to effectively track and control your resources to streamline library workflows and optimize collections

As you attempt to manage your collection, you are probably struggling to do more with less. You may be dealing with a smaller budget, less time, or fewer employees, all while trying to be more productive, cost-effective, and efficient. You need a system that tracks data throughout the entire resource lifecycle and makes sense of the information so it can be used both by your library staff and your patrons.

The complete solution for managing the e-resource lifecycle

Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager is the complete solution for reducing the time and effort required to manage the entire lifecycle of e-resources. 360 Resource Manager offers a full set of features to control complex subscription management issues, from tracking license terms of use to managing renewal dates, all integrated with the authoritative Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase.

360 Resource Manager works for libraries of all sizes and types and is also offered in a Consortium Edition for library groups.

The 360 Resource Manager Process

Resource Manager Process

A complete management system enables you to gain control over the selection, acquisition, and usage of your electronic resources.

Consolidate all information in one place for ease of management

360 Resource Manager enables you to consolidate subscription, licensing, and holdings data and organize it in a way that makes sense for your library. This information is centralized and organized within an easy-to-use interface that allows for interlinking of resource information, integrated alerts, and a complete toolset of automated reports. You can share information about all aspects of your e-collection to improve communications, eliminate redundancy, and control costs.

Reduce workloads, streamline workflows, and reduce costs

Using 360 Resource Manager, you can extract your subscription data from documents and spreadsheets and more effectively manage it in a friendly, Web-based application. By maintaining key business data in a single location, 360 Resource Manager helps your library eliminate redundant data entry and save time, as well as streamlining the entire management process. The immediate end result of is an immense savings of time and money for your library, both as a result of better productivity and increased capacity for reporting and analysis.

Using 360 Resource Manager will also directly benefit your library’s patrons by ensuring access to better resource information through public interfaces.

Streamline acquisition and licensing workflows

E-resource workflows often require collaboration on a complex series of tasks, both before and after acquisition. 360 Resource Manager facilitates improved communication with staff and vendors using contact management, customizable alerts, and resource notes. This solves life cycle workflow issues by notifying appropriate personnel of trial and renewal dates.

By customizing workflows and sharing data, your library will experience increased transparency and better productivity, both in librarian management and patron research.