You can have 360 MARC Updates working with your OPAC in one month:

Start your trial Day
Decision made. Initiate purchase* 1
Customize your holdings information* 7
Select any MARC record edits* 14
We ship test MARC records for test load 16
You test load, confirm record specifications 21
We implement your requests, and ship records to you 24
You load records into your OPAC 28

*The primary limitation is your decision making timeline – there is very little implementation work on your side.

Integration into Your ILS

Our customized design allows the service to easily integrate into almost any ILS. With the long history and popularity of our 360 MARC Updates service, it is currently used in a number of systems. Some of the ILSs we work with most regularly include:

  • SirsiDynix
  • Ex Libris
  • Endeavor
  • Innovative Interfaces
  • VTLS

Record Updates

At the core of this service is the ability to easily keep the data in your OPAC current. The world of e-serials is incredibly dynamic, and because of this, the ongoing updates deliver as much value as the initial distribution of records.

Depending on your institution's preferences, we supply updated records either monthly or every other month. Most select monthly updates.

A majority of institutions prefer to receive only those records that have changed. We can provide just these changed records, or we can deliver a whole new set of records with each delivery, depending on your preferences.

For those who select the updated records, we use the Leader 05 field to provide instructions for new, changed, and deleted records. Your existing ILS loader is able to interpret these instructions to determine if a record should be added, deleted, or should overlay an existing record. This provides you with a simple, automated way to keep your OPAC current. Any changes in your library's profile, in content provider holdings information, or authority bibliographic data will be reflected in each delivery of updated records. In addition, these records are delivered with a Serials Solutions Journal (SSJ) report. This report gives you a simple spreadsheet listing of all your holdings with the work-level identifier (SSJ) number associated with them.