Broad collection coverage

Provides comprehensive records for your electronic collection

Standardized yet flexible delivery options

Monthly updates: request updates only for records that have changed, or request all new records each delivery

Maintains data integrity

Maintains local cataloging practices so your records appear how you want them

OPAC agnostic

Works with most ILS systems

ILS-specific customizations

Makes bulk importing simple and error-free with ILS-specific edits or additions

Institution-specific customizations

Ensures that e-serials records match your existing MARC records and local cataloging standards

Single record representation

Aggregates all electronic holdings into a single online record, reducing the number of records required to depict e-serials your patrons need to review to find appropriate content

Highest quality bibliographic data

Put CONSER and Library of Congress records - including LC subject headings, linking fields, and enhanced title data - into your OPAC

Direct or hosted 856 fields

Receive updated and customized URLs in the bibliographic record through direct links or in the Serials Solutions portal through 856 fields, which offers the additional benefits of easier maintenance and usage statistics

Improved load times

Delivers faster uploads by using smaller upload files; traceable brief records streamline file content

Unicode compliant

Supports Unicode for global capability

OpenURL citation linking

Gives patrons a direct path to entering a citation for returning leading to full-text articles by adding an OpenURL link in an 856 field

Group records

Libraries with a shared OPAC can deliver e-journal data reveal branch links to patrons with library-specific hosted 856 links to patrons

Includes Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks and 360 Core