Friendly, intuitive interface

Enable patrons of all experience levels to easily find desired content

Extensive results page customization

Enables librarians to use their deep understanding of their collection and their patrons to deliver a highly relevant results page

Robust, standards-based XML API

Enables IT staff to program customized solutions

De-duplication of resolved links

Improve the clarity of options for patrons by eliminating duplicate content links

1-Click to article

Enable patrons to link from citation directly to full-text, bypassing the results page; optional helper window provides links to other resources if an article is not available

Librarian-prioritized links display

Determine the order in which databases are presented on the results page

Prevention of circular links

Increases the likelihood that patrons will be presented with an accurate set of article-level links by hiding links back to referring sources

Best available links

Minimize patron confusion and increase their ability to find desired content

CrossRef DOI

Increase the quantity of article-level linking through integrated CrossRef DOI-based linking

COS Integration

Integration with Scholar Universe provides access to author profiles

Google Books Integration

Connect users from Link results sets to Google Books entries

Citation search form

Place this standalone form anywhere on the library Web site so patrons can quickly find articles

Seamless integration

Serials Solutions A-to-Z title list and MARC Updating Service can be enabled for OpenURL linking, thereby increasing the value of these tools

Industry-leading knowledgebase

Accurate and up-to-date data eliminates missing or confusing links and ensure that your patrons always access the best content

Create links to alternate resources

Robust custom linking connects users to a wide variety of resources such as an ILL form, document delivery services, library union lists, OPACs, RefWorks, and Web search engines

Comprehensive data customization

Powerful customization tools enable you to change proxy and database URLs, database names, library-specific holdings dates, and more

Include local holdings

Include print or microform holdings to ensure these resources are not overlooked; no second search required

No installation required

All hardware and software are maintained by Serials Solutions

Local control, not local headaches

Easily customized by our support staff or using the Client Center

One-touch export to RefWorks

Seamlessly export citations

“Find in Print” with WorldCat

Link patrons to WorldCat to locate a resource in print, when needed

Includes Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks and 360 Core