Data Retrieval Service

Serials Solutions staff downloads, corrects, and imports your Project COUNTER-and SUSHI compliant reports

Open-Source SUSHI client

SUSHI client enables automatic harvest of usage reports from SUSHI-enabled providers

Advanced assessment reporting

Produce text and graphical reports on usage, costs, and ROI

Report export

Export reports in a variety of formats for presentation to stakeholders or use in external systems

Automated cost-per-use calculation

View journal usage across titles and providers and track usage over time

Cost management

Import subscription costs and associate with subject and usage data

Acquisitions data import

Import acquisitions data from any ILS to receive more accurate costs

Historical archives

Complete archive of usage data, costs, and analyses prevents loss of valuable data and enables multi-year historical analysis

Standardized data

360 Counter cross-checks your information against the KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase to standardize title variations, associate subjects, and correct errors

Aggregate reports

Usage reports from your Project COUNTER vendors is aggregated and stored in one, centralized location

Includes Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks and 360 Core