Data Retrieval Service

Assess your collection to make better decisions and reduce costs

We do the labor... You do the analysis!

Our goal is to help your staff spend their valuable time analyzing, assessing, and reporting cost and usage data. The Data Retrieval Service enables you to bypass the time-consuming tasks of downloading and correcting vendor data before it can be used for usage reporting and assessment. We’ll do the heavy lifting and free you to create reports and make important collection development decisions.

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Read the datasheet: 360 Counter Data Retrieval Service

As part of the Data Retrieval Service, Serials Solutions specialists collect Project COUNTER-compliant reports from resource vendors, clean up the reports, and then load the corrected data into 360 Counter. Once this data is uploaded, 360 Counter normalizes titles, assigns costs, and formats subject headings. Then, 360 Counter calculates cost-per-click by title, database, subject, and platform, and provides the results in customizable report formats. These customizable reports along with sophisticated graphics enable librarians to give their institution’s stakeholders the information they need to make more informed decisions.